Luna Rosa Atelier - Art Gallery

Many intercultural exhibitions where organized in the space before the Covid with Galerie La Spirale Cultural Center (2013-2019). When the Covid arrived, Luna Rosa transformed the concept in an artistic place dedicated to the women rights. To weave wings of freedom through art, writing and resilience activities. Also a professional project for women artists and designers, creating a Gift Boutique in Brussels.

SHOWROOM- Paintings in Brussels

Luna Rosa’s Art worshop in Ixelles, Brussels, cultural neigborhood, her space is near by the European Parliament where she propose the workshops and art classes to Mom and me or one adult and a children. The goal is to create values and family ties  between two generations.

Motivation & Women Empowerment

Luna Rosa surrenders to her mission to empower women who are victims of violence through her trilogy “Wings of freedom without victimhood” (Alas de Libertad sin Victimismo) #SinVictimismoconLunaRosa with many resilience activities

Serie Zupca Malka - Sacred Temples

ZUPCA MALKA Sacred Temples - Zupca Malka: Quechua term meaning sacred temples in Latin America and representing whit this serie, our spiritual ways inside us as a spiral of light to grow up as a human being. Inspiration while I was visiting my city, Cali in Colombia in 2009 and a journalist did to me my genealogical tree, where finally I knew about my Amerindians roots, my origins from the Motato family.Two "Caciques" Motato, two chiefs, my ancestors, began my offspring, mother's side. So proud to represent them with my paintings. Their societies evolved in spiral, in collective consciousness, that's why the spirals in each art work, evolution movements. Rescuing trough my Art Work, with Aerial perspective, our legacy and cultural heritage, full of precolombian history..

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